• Malakand University Research Journal of Pashto (Palatana) ISSN:2304-1463

    Palatana is a research journal of Pashto language and literature. It is a bilingual research journal, published by the Department of Pashto, University of Malakand. It is published twice a year. The journal welcomes research works concerning Pashto language, literature, culture and history. Articles are given importance in which Pashto literary criticism and theory, literary movements, schools of thoughts and genres, critical perspectives and concepts, comparative literature, cultural studies, and literary and cultural works are researched. Our goal is to provide a platform where researchers and scholars can publish their research work in the field of Pashto language and literature. Our modest aim is to encourage the young researchers of Pashto. Our purpose in this international peer-reviewed journal is to bring to the forefront standard research produced on Pashto language, literature, history and culture.  Through this journal we also wish to disseminate knowledge of Pashto literature with the non-native speakers of Pashto.  

  • Pakistan Journal of Social and Behavioral Sciences (PJSBS)

    Pakistan Journal Social and Behavioral Sciences (PJSBS) is open access for its contents and is available free to support better exchange of knowledge. Users are allowed to read and download the articles. The journal is a blind peer reviewed journal and every possible step is taken to ensure anonymity of the authors and reviewers to each other in order to establish transparency and quality review in respect of the submitted articles and papers. Each article is reviewed by at least two reviewers (within the domain of the area of the paper/field of expertise of the reviewer) of the submitted article.