Political Decline of the Muslims and the Role of Youth in Reforming Society (In the Light of Islamic Teachings)


  • Dr. Sajid Mahmood Hazara University, Mansehra
  • Dr. Saeedulhaq Hazara University, Mansehra
  • Amir Nawaz Khan University of science and Technology, Bannu


Natural resources, modern science, European countries, prejudiced attitude, political domination


Today, the Islamic countries are rich in natural resources, but cannot make progress. The Non-Muslim Muslims, especially western countries, have made progress in every field. On this account they are ruling over the Muslims. The main cause of their rise is that they are united and have acquired modern science and technology. The past history of the Muslims has been very bright as compared to their present plight. It was due to the acceptance of the teachings of Islam, but now they want to follow the life of European countries, due to which they are declining rapidly. So, it is the need of the day & essential for young people to get education (religious as well as modern science and technology), shun ignorance, avoid atheism and prejudiced attitudes & must promote moral and ethical values and must correct their beliefs. Only in this way we (Muslims) can conquer the whole world. In this article, the political decline of the Muslims and the role of youth in the reform of society in the light of Islamic teachings have been discussed in a scholarly manner.