Alcohol: Definition, Types and its usage in different products (Study in the light of fiqh)


  • Dr. Abdul Karim Usman International Islamic University, Islamabad


fiqh, Khamr, alcohol, alcohol free vine


Alcohol is a compound which is very common in chemical industry. Now a days, it is used in different products and is consumed by all Muslims and non-Muslims consumers. There are many Muslims and even the general scholars who do not understand the difference between alcohol and khamr (خمر).

In the Holy Qur'an the word Khamr has been used for all intoxicating drinks. During the days of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, () the sources of these beverages were grapes, dates, wheat, barley and honey, but today alcohol is being prepared from many other sources. Especially, the ethyl alcohol which is the intoxicant of many beverages produced by fermentation and it is still considered to be forbidden as long as it intoxicates people. Islam emphasizes the effects of alcohol on people and not the origin of alcohol.

 This article examines the views of Shariah and science on different types of alcohol .The results of this study are that khamr (natural alcohol) in Islam is forbidden due to intoxication, whereas not all groups of synthetic alcohol are unlawful. In the end, I have discussed in details the alcohol free vine in the light of contemporary Muslims scholars’ views.