Intellectual and Preachment struggles of Nadwat ul Ulamā (Lucknow India)


  • Dr. Zia Ullah
  • Dr. Fazl ur Rahman
  • Sarzamin Khan


Nadwatl Ulama movement, Bridge, educational system, Efforts, Islam


In the time when Nadwat ul ulama movement was launched, the Indian Muslims divided between two modern and ancient groups, one group was considering a slight deviation from old educational system and cult as a sort of perversion and heresy, the other group considered each thing attributed to west as grandeur and adorable and also considered these things faultless. The contradiction of thought between these two groups was on extreme. This depiction was drawn by Akbar Ala Abadi in his verse

ادھر یہ ضد ہے کہ لمنڈ بھی چھو نہیں سکتے                   ادھر یہ رٹ ہے کہ ساقی صراحی مےلا

Nadwatl Ulama came into being to bridge this gap and succeeded in it. Nadwatl Ulama served as a bridge between Islamic and western culture and between classic religious scholars and modern class and presented such a balanced way of thinking which had all the good qualities of both. In the words of Nadwatl Ulama founders, “In principals and aims they were strict and stiffed and in their means and resources have extension and flexibility”. Nadwatl Ulama movement is not merely a curriculum reform movement rather it is a Complete School of thoughts, every country ought to emulate which is suffering from conflict and confusion. The followers of Nadwatl Ulama played a vital role in the introduction and preaching of Islamic culture compilation of Rasool’s biography, Islamic achievements and its teaching on the basis of latest literary manners. The followers of Nadwatl Ulama designed such a curriculum which could fulfill all the needs of the day, which is according to the literary temperament and humor from early education to higher education.

Nadwatl Ulama played a splendid role in the prevention of western imperialism, chappow of thought, Anti-Islamic movements, Ahmadiat, Christhood, riot of refusing hadith and the spread dubieties of the orientalist. The scholars of NadwatUlulama played a great role in writing books services of education as well as in guidance of the Islamic nation, their scholarly written books in literature, Islamic history and Islamic thoughts in literary style became extremely popular throughout the Muslim  world, as well as raised the voice against the riots, whether Arabic nationalism which was in fact the preaching of deism or Indian nationalism, linguistic bigotry, cultural supremacy and the clashes of west and east. With its literary analysis it also encountered from the platform of the Muslim Prestel Board, message of humanity, societal reformation and solved courageously the problems of the nation and focused on the dangerous aspects.

The founders of Nadwatl Ulama were remained away from organizational and party level bigotry and made the Islamic united nation as their observandum. The founders of Nadwatl Ulama were not in favor of castled defense, their ideology was that without any tussle and by means of negotiation they can solve the problems with opponents. The Islamic thinkers Hazrat Molana Abdul Hassan Ali Nadvi adapted the manner in which his words were heard by his opponents without any embitterment. That’s why Nadwatl Ulama movement is a reformative movement which is related to education, preaching and also with social life.