Law of War in the Period of Abu Bakar Saddique(RA) and its Comparison with the Selected Articles of International Humanitarian Law


  • Dr. Zia Ud Din
  • Dr. Muhammad Adil
  • Dr. Shakeel ur Rahman


Islamic law of war, IHL, Protection of life, Prohibition of mutilation, killing of innocent, Perfidy, combatants, prisoners of war


Since war had been unavoidable phenomenon, there were no means and methods of warfare, everything was fair in war, which led to might is right. Protection of life is one of the prime objectives of the Shariah, it is therefore, not only in peace time but also in battlefield, the teachings of Islam have introduce the means and methods of warfare to regulate the international & non-International armed conflicts, prohibition of mutilation and to safeguard the property, lives of wounded, civilians, non-combatants, women, and children etc. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) himself pronounced and established the law of war and it was also practiced by His successors and vicegerents as well. 

The Aim of this paper is to evaluate the instruction and Commandments of Hazrat Abubakr Saddiq (RA) regarding the law of war and to compare it with that of selected articles of IHL. It is found that Commandments being dispensed by the Ist Caliph of Islam regarding the law of war are similar with that of international humanitarian law being originated from Hague and Geneva Conventions and its additional protocols respectively. It is therefore suggested, that law of war should be monitored in letter and spirit by the world community to safeguard innocent human life and to protect prisoners, property and food hoards etc.