The psychological criticism of Ka Ranra Shwa, Salma Shaheen’s Novel


  • Tufail Ahmad Zaryab Yousafzai Lecturer in Pashto Islamia College University Peshawar


The Psychological criticism has trace back to the psychoanalytical thoughts which were presented by Fraed. After him, the neo-Freudians such as Adler and Jaang also contributed in the field on these theories. The Critics, apply particular psychological theory to psychological criticism to make the criticism on the author, according to the method and theories in this field, we have chosen the Pashto Novel, Ka Ranra Shwa by Salma Shaheen , farmer Director Pashto Academy, UOP. Published in 1998 AD in Lahore. Its story is based on the typical Pashtoon society where there every relation has a name, respect and position. Those relations and position affect the psychology of the society. The impact of the behavior and way of thoughts inspired the whole Pashtoon culture. This paper will discuss the Novel in the light of the standard made by Psychological criticism in order to explore the modern beauty of modern literary standards in the mentioned novel.