A research Study "Birbal in Buner"


  • Mr. Umar Nasar
  • Dr Noor Muhammad Danish Bettani Assistant Professor pashto academy UOP


History, along with description of human conditions and events emphasizes the need for higher and uplifted life Standards and social loftiness, for y records, every important situation of human life. Whenever one turns the pages of history book, one is bound to observes the historical accounts of the battles and skirmishes of the great Mughals and Pathan are a bright chapter in the history. When closely examined, one would surely find that every Mughal Emperor was surely find that every Mughal emperor was a freedom fighter and has activity partaken in the disputes of independence and integrity of Pathan Jalal Ul Din M. Akbar is a remarkable name among the emperors.

Akbar initiated a battle against Yousafzai tribe to depend the greatness and honour of his empire as he was asked for help by Zain Khan. Akbar also had a grudge for Yousafzai as they has defeated his father. He was persuaded too by rival Pathan tribes to assault Yousafzai for these reasons. He send the ablest, the wisest and the most intelligent courtier named Birbal whose real name was Mahesh Das. However Birbal got badly defeated with eight thousands soldiers of his army being killed. The main causes of Birbal’s defeat in the battlefield was his overconfidence over his courtly knowledge and experiences, his lack of military strategic training and disagreement with his co-partner. Zain Khan’s understanding of battle field strategies. For further findings about the event it is recommended to study this research paper.