Eligible Persons for election and their important principles: in the light of opinions of jurists and righteous caliphs


  • Altafur Rehman University of Karachi
  • Dr. Ubaid Ahmad Khan University of Karachi


Election, Eligible persons, Islamic principles, Righteous caliphs,


For the development and integrity of Islamic organization, it is essential to have the right system and apt people. In the absence of these two features, the country cannot progress, neither can the problems of the Muslims inhabiting that country be solved in appropriate manner, nor the ideology whose responsibility of propagation is assigned to the members of the organization, can sustain. In the end, none of the people who had endured the pains and tribulations for the supremacy and propagation of such ideology will remain steadfast. It is indispensable to appoint competent and upright persons in the positions of authority within the organization. When the appointments meet merit, and the same is done while keeping the laws of Shariah to the fore, then the center, the appointee and related Muslims will be satisfied. This will serve Islam and Muslims well. Therefore, the authorities for which the appointments are made will be discussed first, and then the manner and principles with which they are made in order to insure survival and development of the organization. Otherwise, the incurred losses will far exceed the benefits.