Christian-Muslim Encounters: A Historical Overview toward Early Muslims


  • Dr. Muhammad Ajmal Farooq International Islamic University, Islamabad
  • Dr. Abulhasan Muhammad Shah Al-azhari Al-Karam International Institute, Bhera, Sargodha


Christianity, Muslims, Relations, Historical Study, Interfaith Harmony, Minority Study


Christian-Muslim encounter is not new but issues regarding both communities are not ending even in the postmodern time. This research also aims to track out the benefits for both communities in the mutual interaction in whole history which covers not only religious perceptive but also political, economic and sociological motives. The study intends to explore the history of relations between Christians and Muslims towards Islamic traditions and Muslims society. It also explores the conflicts and remedial activates by happening covenants and treaties between both communities. For this study, basic sources of Islamic traditions are evaluated to analysis the Muslim perception accordingly. How they adopted the way out for remedies of the conflicts among both communities? What they participated in the treaties between Christians and Muslims? Is there any positive sense from divine guidance for Muslims to invite the Christians for social coexistence to live in the state? The minorities and Non-Muslims have right to stay in Muslim states according to Sharī‘ah Objective. Therefore the present study opens new horizons for further research among new comers in this field.