A research about Margoliouth’s reservations concerning the marriage of Alī (R.A) and Fātimah (R.A)


  • Dr. Aliya Shah University of Malakand


D.S.Margoliouth, allegations, matrimony of Ali (R.A) and Fatima (R.A)


It is a fact that in every era Non-Muslims cannot defeat Muslims in the field of battle, that’s why they wish to defeat Muslims in the field of belief and credence. In order to make their struggle fruitful and profitable orientalists try their best to justify their position with unjustifiable and untenable analysis. Orientalists want to smudge and tarnish the image of Muhammad (s.a.w) with their intentions.  In the list of many biased and unfair orientalists David SamualMargoliouth is one of them. Whenever he picked up a pen , he raised it against Islam, Quran, Hadith, seerathunnabhi and  even against his (Muhammad’s) companions. Like many more allegations Margoliouth has also some issues regarding “matrimony of Hazrat Ali (R.A) and Hazrat Fatima (R.A).He have words that Fatima (R.A) was not happy in the environment of her father’s home because of Muhammad’s Heram so she married Ali R.A. The protection of Muslim youngsters, intellectuals and less aware Muslims are the responsibility of Muslims Scholars from the simulated and grimy views of the orientalists. Therefore this article is concern allegations of D.S.Margoliouth on the “matrimony of Ali (R.A) and Fatima (R.A) and conclude that he is failed to maintain his impartiality in the description of his ill will.