The Significance of Time and Time Management in Islamic Perspective: Exploring Solutions to Contemporary Issues of Time Awareness and Time Organization in the Light of Islamic Teachings (A Research Review)


  • Dr. Abdur Rahim Department of Islamic Studies, Govt. P.G Jahanzeb College Swat
  • Dr. Arsala Khan Department of Islamic Studies, Govt. P.G Jahanzeb College Swat


Time Management, Abundant, Comprehensive, contemporary, Unambiguous, Punctuality, Encourage


Time is a great and valuable blessing of Allah SWT. As Islam order to value all other blessings of the Almighty Allah and to be thankful for His great blessings, it also advises to value the time and to be very cautious about its wasting. Islam presents a comprehensive concept of time, and highlights its importance as a precious resource and a religious obligation. Islam has laid great emphasis on efficient use of time, punctuality and its management and has presented very comprehensive, clear and unambiguous teachings to the world in this regard. Furthermore, Islam especially reprimands Muslims for neglecting punctuality and time management and has excellent guidance on the factors that contribute to such tendencies.

Using Islamic teachings as a guiding framework, this research article attempts to suggest practical solutions to enhance time awareness and time management skills within the Muslim community in particular and humanity in general.

The purpose of this research paper is to encourage individuals to recognize the importance of time and implement effective time management techniques in their day to day life, through a comprehensive analysis of Islamic teachings and contemporary challenges.