A Comparative Review of Selected Family Matters in Khair ul Touzeeh and Khair ul Mufateeh Interpretations of Mishkaat ul Masabeeh


  • Dr. Aqsa Tariq Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Government College Women University Sialkot
  • Ayesha Shabbir Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Government College Women University Sialkot


Family Matters, Comparison, Analysis, Khair ul Touzeeh, Khair ul Mufateeh, Selected issues


The knowledge of hadith is a vast knowledge. Mostly all the hadiths of Sihah Sitta sums up in the "Mishkaat-ul-Masabeeh". Many interpretations of Mishkaat-ul-Masabeeh have been written in the subcontinent. In view of the importance and position of Mishkaat-ul-Masabeeh, the scholars of the Ummah have arranged its Arabic, Persian and Urdu interpretations in every era. The Urdu Sharhoohat of Mishkaat-ul-Masabeeh "Khair ul Mafatih and Khair ul Touzeeh" is also the link of the same chain. Maulana Mufti Abdul Rasheed Sahib is the author of "Khair ul Mafatih" and consists of six volumes. The main features of Khair ul Mafatih and Khair ul Touzeeh is that it is a detailed research phase of Mishkaat-ul-Masabeeh. The reason for choosing it is that it has been written in a very simple and easy way. In this article, the purpose of this research is to explain the style, characteristics and comparison of these two books of Ahadith related to specific family matters in a narrative and reasoned manner. The reason for doing research on Khair ul Mafatih is that the author has clarified the difficult words of the Holy Hadith. Through question and answer, he has made difficult researches easier. He has deduced new and legal issues. The religions of the jurists have been explained with arguments. The author has described the brief situations of the hadith narrators. He has made headings and paragraphs in the detailed topic. This rate is more comprehensive than other explanations.