The Islamic Axis in Children’s Poetry of Ahmad Shawqi and Muhammad Iqbal


  • Khawaja Faizullah Department of Arabic, University of Peshawar
  • Prof. Dr. Yaqoob Khan Marwat Department of Arabic University of Peshawar


Islamic Poetry, Ahmad Shawqi, Muhammad Iqbal, Children’s Poetry, Children’s Literature


Poetry is an art and a unique way of expressing views in an amusing way that interpret the general feelings and emotions of the society. In this regard, children’s poetry is comparatively more sensitive in nature particularly as far as its educational aspect is concerned.

Watered by meaningful poetry filled with the message of goodness, the growing flowers will give much more fragrance to the beneficiaries. No doubt, flowers are the children, beneficiaries are the people wile fragrance makes its appearance in the form of noble manners, whole heartedness, high character, obedience and a sense of responsibility. This nursery will thrive and assume the shape of a good product in the form of a strong nation. Keeping in view the understanding level and interest of the children, meaningful poetry can serve bitterly the nation through satisfying the needs of future generation.

The present article discusses the Islamic axis in children’s poetry of Ahmad Shawqi and Muhammad Iqbal. The both poet has determined Islamic values for children through their poetic expression.