The Israili narrations in the Tafseer Jalalain: An Analytical Study in the light of selected tafaseer


  • Naimullah Department of Islamic studies,Lahore Garrison University
  • Dr. Muhammad Riaz Department of Islamic studies, Lahore Garrison University
  • Abdul Qadir Department of Islamic studies, University of Management & Technology Lahore


Tafseer Jalalain, Islraili Narrations, Slave of Allah, Companions of the Prophet, Israili Literature


Israil is a compound word of two Hebrew words; Israa and Eal mean Slave of Allah and in Arabic it is translated as Abdullah, it was a title of the prophet Ya’aqūb and his children are called Bani Israil. Narrations from Bani Israil had been prevalent since the times of the companions of the Prophet as a lot of incidents from Taurat. Zabur and Injeel are also there in the holy Quran. Many incidents are narrated in the Holy Quran very precisely and for the details the prior revealed literature had been consulted, particularly the scholars from the people of Book who converted to Islam. These stories narrated by the companions got communality among the latter Muslims and were used in the interpretation of the holy Quran. Like so many other interpretations of the holy Quran, Tafseer Jalalain bears a lot of narrations from the Israili literature. The interpreter brought the traditions to elaborate the precise events, for reason to reveal of the verses and for the stories of the prophets. But, the interpreter did not mention the status of these narrations and in this article the Israili traditions are analytically studied with respect to some other interpretations.