The Bible during Prophet’s Time: A Critical review of Sulṭān Paul’s Views


  • Syed Toqeer Abbas Lahore Garrison University, Lahore
  • Dr. Ali Akbar Azhari Lahore Garrison University, Lahore


Bible distortion, Sulṭān Paul’s views, the Qur‘ān’s claim, Prophet’s sayings and the Bible, Reality behind the Bible


Except for the Holy Quran, most of the Books of God were revealed to the children of Israel.  In this regard, the Gospel (Injīl) which was revealed to Jesus the son of Mary was the last book of Israel. The scripture that is inside the church today is called the Bible which is divided into two parts. The first part deals with the events of the Prophets before the advent of Jesus which is called the Old Testament. While the second one is known as the New Testament. The Gospel is a part of the New Testament. Bible is considered the divine book of Christianity. The Christians believe the Bible as a truly Godly scripture, whereas the Qur‘ān was penned by the Holy Prophet himself (ﷺ). They argue that the Bible existed before the Qur‘ān, during the Prophet’s time and even these days it exists to verify this assertion. The genuine status of the Bible during Qur‘ān revelation has been divulged, and the directives of the Holy Prophet Himself (ﷺ) have also acknowledged the Bible as a truly inspired book. Sulṭān Paul is one of the authors who claimed that throughout the prophet’s age, the Bible was utterly correct and complete, with no errors. This study aims at a critical assessment in order to check the fact and claims of Sulṭān’s idea.