Authors Instructions

Article should be written in MS Word. Inpage & PDF files would not be considered.

The article must not have been published anywhere else. It should be in accordance with the research principles and should be on a new topic. Moreover, the article should be adorned with the references of basic sources. It is necessary to abide by the rules of writing and spelling.

It should not be more than 20 pages.

Use Times New Romans for English, Jameel Noori Nastaleeq font for Urdu and Traditional Arabic Font for Arabic.

Use 12 Font size for English and 14 for Urdu and Arabic.

Heading Font Size is 14 for English and 16 for Urdu and Arabic.

Use Footnotes in 10 font size in English and 12 for Urdu and Arabic. The line space should be 1.0 for Heading, text and references and bibliography.

Paper must include the following:

Research paper must contain an abstract about 200 words in English followed by 5 Key Words.

Abstract must follow an Introduction. It should briefly introduce the research along with the methodology and basic objectives of the research.

Discussion should detail the arguments of the research and its general implications.

Conclusion should conclude the discussion.

All references should be given the endnote according to the policy of MURJIS, the policy of MURJIS for references that the non-English (Arabic, Urdu etc.) references should be in original + Roman following Chicago Manuel Style. Use the Transliteration table for Roman letters. 

For Books, start with urfi name of the author, then his complete name, name of book, publisher, place of publication, edition, year of publication, volume and page no. For example, Ibn Kathīr, ‘Imād al-Dīn Abū al-Fidā Ismā‘īl bin ‘Umar, Tafsīr al-Qur’ān al-‘Azīm, Dār Ṭayibah, Riyād:, 1999 AD, Vol. 1, p: 50.

If edited or translated book, then the name of editor or translator.

If referred is a Quranic verse, then its font should be Traditional Arabic.

Ahadith are referred as: Bukhari, Muhaaamad Bin Ismail, Al Jamie Sahih lil Bukhari, kitab ul janaiz, bab ziyrat ul qubur, Darul Kutub il Ilmiayh, Beirut, 1438h, Vol: 1, p. 238, Hadith No. 1283.

Bibliography should be in English for English and in Roman for Arabic & Urdu Articles in the last of Article following Chicago Manuel Style.

For Example:

After a preliminary reading by the Editorial Board and Checking plagiarism by Turnitin, (if found plagiarism free) the articles responding positively to these obligations are sent to referees/ experts on the concerned subjects. The final selection is made only after receiving the assessment of the referees/ Reviewers.

The decision of editorial board is final and may not be challenged in any court of law.

The author of research paper stands responsible for his views and its implications repercussions. MURJIS University of Malakand bears no responsibility whatsoever in the views published. Editorial board reserves the right of modification in the received research. However, the edited research will be published only after the consent of the author. The Editorial Board does not necessarily agree with the views of the contributor, and cannot be held accountable for any statement, comment or information.

The Editorial Board, however, reserves the right of excluding any article without showing cause for it. The articles should be submitted to our website by registering OJS.