The Role of Ijtihād in the solution of contemporary issues and difficulties related to Medical Science


  • Dr. Mairaj Ali Namal University Mianwali
  • Dr. Muhammad Umar Farooq Al-Qādir University Project Trust, Sohawa, Jhelum


Science and Technology, Ijtihad, Shari'ah, Medical Science, Operation


It is an undisputed fact that the present age is the age of science and technology. The modern research and scientific discoveries are increasing rapidly day by day while new jurisprudential problems are arising day by day based on these researches. And with the passage of time, the number of these problems is also increasing continuously. So, in current's scientific era, many such problems are appearing which were not apparent in the past and no one could have imagined them at that time. So, Ijtihād is an indispensable thing for solving these problems. If a person wants to mold his individual or collective life completely into the Islamic mold and if he wants to maintain his relationship with Islam, then he must resort to Ijtihaād, without it he cannot practice the whole religion of Islam. Undoubtedly, Ijtihad is required in every period with its prescribed conditions and necessary precautions. But this work belongs to the scholars of Shari'ah who have jurisprudence and ijtihad ability. They have their own special conditions which are not our topic of discussion right now. Contemporary problems and difficulties are faced in all spheres of human life, whether they are related to worship or financial matters, politics and court or society and ethics, halal food or medical science, etc. The importance and role of ijtihad in solving all these problems and difficulties is an undisputed fact. Here our research is about the title of "Role of Ijtihad in solving modern problems related to medical science". Therefore, in this article, the role of ijtihad in the operation of the human body and the modern problems related to it and its solution has been highlighted. For example, important contemporary issues such as the operation of the human body using modern equipment, the removal of the child from the pregnant woman's stomach by operation, the removal of the uterus by operation and the reassignment of the human sex by operation have been discussed. And the Shariah rules of these issues have been explained regarding justification and non-justification. In this regard, the opinions and sayings of contemporary scholars have also been quoted and finally, the impact of Ijtihad on these issues and its role has been highlighted in detail.