Social, Economic and Political Rights of women In the Light of Seerat-e-Taiba


  • Dr. Bashir Ahmad Malik University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir
  • Dr. Riffat Shaheen Jamia Tul Muhsanat College, Mansehra
  • Dr. Riaz Ahmed Siddiqui IBHM, Dow medical University Karachi


In an Islamic state, women have the same rights as men, and women have the same duties as men. As citizens, there is no difference between a Muslim man and a woman, but both have rights and duties. And the scope of responsibilities is different. The concept of equality of male weight, given in Islam, means that just as man is an essential element of this system of universe, so is woman an essential element of it.

Just as Allah has endowed men with special abilities, so too women have been endowed with special abilities, but socially, economically and politically, the responsibilities of women have also been determined in order to maintain stability in social life. Islam has kept woman free from the charges of collective activities of society and civilization, so that she may easily lead a life according to her natural needs.

This article will discuss women's rights and their role in individual as well as in collective life and will discuss their contribution in a comprehensive manner.

Keywords: women, Social, Economic, Political, rights, equality, responsibilities, comprehensive manner.