The critical review of drama & dramas of Lashay


  • Dr. Nasrullah Khan Majnoon Assistant Professor , Rahman Baba Chair Department of Pashto,ICP.
  • Tufail Ahmad Zaryab Yousafzai Lecturer in Pashto,Rahman Baba Chair Department of Pashto,ICP


Universal truth, Literature, Expression, Emotions, Genre, Satire, Fiction, Performer, Picturize, Evolution, Drama, Church


The literature is universal truth in the sense of expression of humane emotions. Humane want relaxation in their lives due the continuous life process. Writers have that skill to entertain and point out the main theme of social, economic and political issues and give the solution. Literature is the way and politics is following that way which literature has shown. The writer plays his role through his literary words in different genres and style of writing, sometimes in serious way and sometime in satirical way. Drama is the oldest form of fiction and literature as starts from Church and lead to the world through its own world of lives and life. The humane are the entire performer here on the stage of the globe. Everyone has his own role to play. The dramatist is the person who picturizes that scenes on the stage to show what the humane is doing.    This paper will describe in details the satire and the evolution of drama and then will discuss the Lashay’s(لشې) daramas written by Dr. Muhammad Azam Azam the well-known Pashto writer. He is a poet and a satire writer as well. Lashay is consist if light essays and short dramas which has the clear image of the Pashtun society.