Authors Instructions

All papers submitted through to link

Articles shall be in MS-Word (2013 or higher) formatted according to the guidelines and publication policy of the research Journal Palatana.

 The author has to get himself/herself registered before submitting the article.

  1. Title: The title of the paper should be bold and in capital letters (13 font size) in Times New Roman.
  2. Author(s) Details: The author(s) details should be in Times New Roman Font (10 font size) and should be centered below the title.

 Full Name, Designation, Name of the Organization, Country

  1. Abstract: All papers must have a brief abstract not exceeding 200 words. It should be italicized and should be in Times New Roman with 9 font size.
  2. Key Words: Authors must mention key words.
  3. Page Setup:Size of the page should have 7 inches Width and 9.5 inches Height with 1- inch margin on all four sides. Header and Footer layout should be 0.5 inches from the edge.
  4. Article:Articles should be between 3000 – 4000 words (all inclusive). It should be 1.0 line spacing and in Times New Roman with 10 font size.
  5. References:All references should be listed at end of the article using APA reference style (sixth edition and onward) only.
  6. Author(s) copyright Statement: Author must submit anti-plagiarism report along with the copyright statement.