Review & publication policy

The journal follows an integrated system of review and publication. The journal follows a double-blind peer review policy. The article is sent to two reviewers who are experts in the relevant field. They review the article according to our journal's guidelines. After the review, the article is submitted for revision along with the suggestions and observations of the reviewers. The revised article is processed for publication. 

 Step 1: Acknowledgment of the received article is communicated to the author within 24 hours.

Step 2: Articles without the author's name are sent to two reviewers, who are given at least two weeks to report back. 

Step 3: After the report, the recommendations and observations of the reviewers, if any, are shared with the author.

Step 4: After correction by the author, the article is resubmitted to the editor.

Step 5: In case the article is accepted, the author is regularly issued an acceptance letter.

Step 6: The editor sends the article for proofreading before its publishing.

Step 7: In the first step, the article is uploaded and in the second stage, it is printed in book form.

Step 8: The editor will send the printed copy by post to the author.