A Comparative Lexical Study of Pashto Dialects (Dawarwala, Orakzai, Bangash)


  • Muhammad Tahir Khan (Tahir Dawar) Clinical Technician (Pathology) Bannu Medical College, Bannu


Linguists define a dialect as a dialect that is spoken in a particular tribe, a particular region, or a particular community, and the language has special phonology, grammar and vocabulary, so it is called a dialect.             So here we also study a part of the dialects mentioned in the title before the definition of the dialect, i.e. the comparison of vocabulary. Because these three tribes are basically a Karlani tribe, but this tribe is further divided into smalls tribes. Of which half comes in the descendant of Kaki and half comes in the descendant of Kudi. In this division of Karlani tribes, Dawar, Orakzai and Bangash also come Dawar is considered to be a descendant of Kaki, and Orakzi and Bangash are considered to be descendant of Kudi, that is, there is a strong relationship between Dawar, Orakzi and Bangash.            Therefore, we also considered it necessary to determine the linguistic relationship between these three tribes that how many matches and mismatches there are in their conversation, from this lexical study of the languages ​​of Dawars, Oraks and Bangash, we will also know the linguistic relationship of these tribes apart from their Ancestry relationship.