A research based study of the phonological features of south-east varieties wtih the reference of vowels, Simi vowels and diphthongs.


  • Mir Hassan Khan Atal Ph.D. scholar, Pashto academy, university of Peshawaratha
  • Dr. Farkhanda Liaqat Professor, Pashto academy, university of Peshawar


Vowel sounds can be considered the most important and significant element of a language, because without vowel sounds, others sound like consonants, cannot move or connect with each other. in other words, it can also be said that these are the voices that give life to the silent voices, give them breath. another important thing is that a sylable is created only with the help of an vowel sounds. every syllable must have at least one vowel sound. a word that can be considered as the foundation of a language or dialect cannot come into existence until the process of making the sylable is done. like language, the role of vowel can be considered important in the development of a dialect or rigional varieties the important thing is that when evaluating the phonological features of a dialect, it is necessary to study and analyze the vowel sounds of that dialect, as well as rigional varieties. the south-east dailect (southern pashtunkhwa), which can be considered a part of the south-west dailect (soft or kandahari dialect), has its own phonological features like some other dialects of the pashto language. especially in terms of vowel sounds, there are significant differences with other dialects. in this research paper, a research review of the vowel of the south-east dialect has been made. and in the light of them, an attempt has been made to explore the special phonlogical features that arise as a result of the vowel sounds.