The mystical color in the poetry of Tahir Kulachi


  • Dr, Noor Muhammad (Danish Bettani) Assistant Professor Pashto Academy University of Peshawar
  • Mr, Ayat Ullah Khan (Wazir) Ph.D Scholar Pashto Academy University of Peshawar


Tahir Kulachi life and fun,Pashto, Literature, and mystical poetry


Tahir Kulachi is a shining star of Pashto literature. Also known as Rehman Baba of the Southern Districts. In this a article discusses the short life of Tahir Kulachi, and its services to Pashto literature are also briefly described. By the way, Tahir Kulachi has tried to write poetry on different genres in Pashto literature, but his poems have a mystical color. That is way we have tried to bring out the mystical color in his poetry for the fans of literature